Braided styles are usually more than just a super cute way to minimize your hair treatment routine in two! When post-chemo wild hair is very curly, it's known as chemo curls. If you have been using a wig or head wraps , you're probably wanting to show off your new head of hair. But before you whip out the hair tools and styling products, it's important to know that your post-chemo head of hair requires somewhat more care and attention. Here's all you need to know about how precisely to look after your chemo curls.

Because red fades the speediest (red is the greatest color molecule, so it slips out of mane with every cleaning), this is actually the shade that will require the most effort and maintenance. Don't rinse your hair until a week once you go red. It is suggested only regular shampoos after that. You should use a dry hair shampoo throughout the week if you feel oily - rinsing with normal water is okay, too. And, every other time you wash nice hair, use a red-enhancing hair shampoo to keep your color on point. Make sure to get a suggestion from your colorist to make sure you use the correct one.

Apply the paste on your scalp as well as on the scalp. Leave for quarter-hour and then wear a shower cover. Leave the bathtub cover on for 30-40 minutes and then clean hair using cold water only. While cleansing the hair massage the head as well until it begins tingling. This can stimulate the hair follicles and start them. Your hair will feel easy and appear bright just after one rinse with fuller's earth. The scalp will be clean and rid of oil and dirt. Do this treatment twice weekly to keep carefully the scalp and mane free from olive oil.

First, space out your relaxers. If you normally get them every six weeks, make it eight weeks. Boost your deep treatments to bi-monthly, alternating between proteins and fitness treatments. Always use a leave-in conditioner and make an effort to stay away from using high temperature tools on a regular basis. Joico K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor Treatment is great for repairing brittle to take care of long haired guinea pig

Stop the three month required” trims at the salon. Just like trimming your fingernails or toenails doesn't make your nails expand any faster, trimming nice hair doesn't make your locks grow any faster. Wild hair is useless and increases from follicles in your scalp. Everything you do to the end has no bearing on the pace at which hair grows. Cut it when you notice it needs trimming and consider doing it yourself. The longer it gets, the simpler it is to cut yourself.