Okay, first, let's talk about the basics of our hair. I'm about to reveal the most detrimental part about maintaining colored hair: When you finally wash it (with a color-safe shampoo), you'll need to rinse with cold water. Hot water strips the color from hair more rapidly than anything, so suck it up for a minute or two and embrace the chilliness. Idea: In the event that you wash hair after going for a run or being in the heat for a long period, it actually feels nice!

We've written several articles over the past few weeks about some trending defensive styles for naturals, including bob box braids , colored container braids , faux locs , and ghana braids It's one thing to rock a cute protecting style, but an totally different thing to properly look after the style, so here's some advice about how best to care for your natural head of hair while wearing defensive styles with extensions from install to takedown.

Towards the concluding of November I seen the trunk of hair completely broke off ! My mom and I were so annoyed with what was going on with my head of hair so by the finish of Dec , I went back to my perms. I permed my mane for the very first time since August on January 4th(last Thursday) and while I had been in the shower A LOT of my locks was developing in clumps. Not big clumps , but still they were visible clumps. After my protein treatment and profound conditioner , I blow dried my wild hair and noticed that my locks had destroyed off in the middle of my brain as well , not as bad as the back though. Also , as i was natural” , when I'd TRY to comb it , a great deal of mane would be let still left in the comb.

Your options are to take the kids to a stylist and have their relaxers preserved professionally; or if you prefer for them to be natural, you need to allow relaxer expand out of their scalp and transition” the locks to its natural condition. If you choose to do this you'll have to invest in either learning and absorbing the maximum amount of knowledge as you can about natural locks (because transitioning requires the scalp to be cured like gold) or find a stylist who specializes in natural locks care.

Bear in mind: Manufacturers want your money; you want healthy locks. Don't consider the journals or the back of the conditioner container, particularly if it says you need every product in a specific manufacturer's line of hair care products. Only use what you need. Often this can be as easy as shampoo and conditioner, as well as perhaps a deep conditioner to make use of weekly on dry out or thick hair, or a detangler for tangle-prone mane.taking care of relaxed hair in the winter